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Impact of social distancing, lockdown and innovations on the spread of COVID-19.


Changes in the pharma world during the COVID-19 pandemic

Changes in the pharma world during the COVID-19 pandemic   As sectors of the economy are struggling with Covid-19's effects, companies are undergoing loss, employees are jobless and so many faces the prospect of a complete lifestyle upheaval. Throughout these unpredictable days, drug manufacturers are reacting to the quick obstacles raised by distribution networks disruptions and the need to adjust workflows. The pharma industry is continually subject to transition. If the present COVID-19 epidemic persists for a prolonged period of time, it might just affect the availability of active product and ingredients (mainly from China), as well as pharmaceutical imports and exports. In the last few years, in particular the processing of active substances and raw materials has been gradually moved to countries where manufacturing can be more cost-effectively carried out. "Contract Manufacturing Organizations" (CMO) outsourcing has become extremely common. Though, the globaliz